Control Unit


Master Control Unit

MCU-3000 is a high performance master control unit that can be used for construction of an integrated system being applied to a medium/large building. It synthetically controls diverse low level control units (DDC, LCU, etc.) and provides a communication interface function that provides information related to high level MMI software. It also carries out direct control and management through the imbedded LCD and keypad.







Field Control Unit

The FCU-2200 is a high performance Level as 32bit Direct Digital Controller(DDC), directed to an open-oriented system, and can effectively accommodate changes in the building automatic control systems that require high reliability and easy system maintenance capabilities.
Built-in 32-channel input and output ports(AI: 8 / BI: 8 / AO: 8 / BO: 8) and expansion modules(XIM series) can be expanded up to 160 inputs and outputs through the connection port. Through a function block, like Flow-chart builder Is easy to control and programming logic 100 enables optimal control program written for a variety of equipment, and It can directly Control the functions(setup, control, management, etc) of DDC in the field through the operation key.



Light Control Unit

LCU-2200 is a independent wired/wireless lighting control unit that can arrange different types of lightings inside and outside of a building with ease and convenience by operating on its own or via Autosmart. LCU-2200 can control lighting latch relay, program switch, human body sensor. It can be operated either wired or wirelessly depending on circumstances of the installation spot. LCU-2200 can extend to 128 circuits using loaded 4 relay and 31 extension modules. Also it is able to individual control, group control, pattern control through 32 different program swtiches. Each setting information is permenantly stored in a flash memory regardless host system and can operate on its own.